EAM Jaishankar slams Pakistan’s Bhutto after ‘Kashmir remark’ in UN

S Jaishankar

Firing a fresh salvo on the neighboring state Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari unceremoniously raked up the issue of Kashmir on which External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar said the UN depends on its effective response to the key challenges.

During a UN gathering in New York to discuss the issue of multilateralism EAM Jaishankar said, “While searching for solutions, our discourse must never accept the normalization of such threats. The question of justifying what the world regards as unacceptable should not even arise.”

“That certainly applies to state sponsorship of cross-border terrorism. Nor can hosting Osama Bin Laden and attacking a neighboring Parliament serve as credentials to sermonize before this council,” Jaishankar said.

“Adding new permanent members to UNSC will numerically reduce the opportunities for the vast majority of the UN member states to be present on the Security Council. We must adhere to sovereign equality of all, not superiority of some,” Bhutto said.

During a meeting convened Bhutto raked up the issue of Kashmir to debate the New orientation for reformed multilateralism (NORM) under India’s December presidency of UNSC. After which Jaishankar’s response came.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign minister said, “Multilateral solutions under the umbrella of the security council offer the most effective approach to promoting peace and resolving conflicts. Parties to a dispute can not advocate multilateral process one day, multilateral reforms one day and insist on bilateral avenues the next and ultimately impose unilateral actions.”

Moreover, Bhutto said by the involvement of the Security Council the matter of the region can be effectively and peacefully resolved.

“Multilateralism should be based on universal and consistent adherence to the UN charter,” Bhutto stated.

However, many times to discuss its bilateral issues Pakistan has used the UN stage meant for multilateral agenda, and every time India calls out its misuse of the UN stage.