Durga puja Memories


In Durga Puja’s glow, I found delight,
Mom was sick, but I believed she’d be all right.
She let me go with friends on those festive days,
I had fun, laughter, in so many ways.

Movie nights, pandal hopping, joys anew,
Little did I know, it was our last adieu.
On Nabami’s dawn, her health took a dive,
Ventilator’s hum, her fight to survive.

Twelve years have passed, the pain remains,
Festivals bring tears, they’re mixed with rains.
I choose to work to keep my mind at bay,
Festivities remind me of that sad day.

In my heart, her love still lights the way,
Memories cherished, come what may.
“Durga Puja Memories,” a tale that I share,
In honor of my mom, with love and care.