The idea behind this bakery was to make it a niche dessert bar that would delight consumers who crave exclusivity, unique flavours, and attractive presentation. Their specially crafted beverages are the cherry on top.

Gurugram has earned the tag of being a true foodie haven with plenty of delightful culinary offerings on display that cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences. The latest entrant in this arena is Drizzle & Dust Bakery, which promises something unique and special for your sweet tooth.

Almond Cake

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Fresh Fruit Tart

Korean-style Tofu Sandwich

“Are you bored with the regular flavours of desserts? Looking for some really innovative dessert bars with an elegant, cosy and warm ambience? Well, your hunt is over! The idea behind this bakery was to make it a niche dessert bar that would delight consumers who crave exclusivity, unique flavours, and attractive presentation. Our specially crafted beverages are the cherry on top. Recent research has shown that serving both desserts and savouries together is gaining traction from the point of view of customers, and we are here to address this need,” explains Bharat Prasad, the Brand Manager Marketing of Drizzle & Dust.

The brand was founded under the banner of So Indulgent India, which is owned by a Delhi-based business family, who have been pioneers in the food and beverage industry for over 30 years. Its menu has been specially crafted by a chef whose expertise lies in the bakery and confectionery segment. His experience of working on projects in European countries is evident through each of his creations.

Drizzle & Dust offers a refreshing and innovative range of desserts that are served in an elegant, cosy ambience in Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurugram. Customers can savour artisanal cakes, pastries and savouries in a range of flavours made to appeal to the Indian palette.

Prasad adds, “Our chefs have experimented with new flavours for discerning consumers which are a complete surprise! Our ‘Artisanal breads’ are made with special in-house recipes, and we also have an array of savouries which have been inspired from different parts of the world and make a perfect pair with our beverages.”

The range offered at Drizzle & Dust is priced between Rs 800 to Rs 1000 for two people, making it a pocket-friendly choice of outing. Currently, this start-up consists of only 15 employees, including the staff at the outlet and the chef’s team, and its USP is described as ‘festive in every bite’.

Prasad shares, “Ours is an upbeat patisserie that celebrates the best of gourmet desserts that are available anywhere. It brings the ingredients to life with a focus on culinary art. Personifying the fact that ‘Desserts go to the heart’, we want to make confectionery the highlight of one’s day.”

To stand apart in the overly-saturated bakery and confectionery market segment, it is imperative for creators to rely on traditional baking techniques while bringing in modern innovations. Giving an example of this, Prasad says, “For instance, when we think of a pineapple cake, we always visualise chunks of pineapple sitting atop the cake. However, at Drizzle & Dust, we call it the New Age Pineapple. It looks clean and chic like a cheesecake, but it is packed with flavours and surprises under the top layer.”

Signature dishes at this iconic bakery include ‘The Drizzle & Dust Pastry’ and ‘The Oreo Pastry’, as they are most popular with patrons. The former is their signature mélange pastry made with silky chocolate mousse with raspberry filling on a thin almond sponge and feuilletine crunchy base. It is shaped like a rosebud and often gets mistaken for a red velvet pastry. The latter, on the other hand, is a modern take on traditional rich chocolate Oreo pastry. It is shaped like a cigar made with French chocolate mousse with Philadelphia cream cheese and granulated Oreo biscuits and is artistically topped with chocolate mousse and Oreo biscuit chunks.

The pandemic threw many challenges their way, especially during the inception phase. “From product creation to tasting to outlet location, everything felt like a challenge. However, the coordination between the teams and the strict operating guidelines to ensure safety at every level, made it possible for us to get where we are today. Further, we opened doors for our guests at the onset of the festive season, learnt from our mistakes and put in place policies and processes that assured a safe place for our guests,” explains Prasad.

Though currently in the development phase, plans are in place to introduce seasonal specials around the year. With a menu comprising over 60 offerings that range from cakes, pastries, savouries, breads, cookies, and other confectionery products, which are baked every day and delivered at the outlet fresh in the morning, Drizzle & Dust Bakery is one to watch for.

“To experience these surprises, one must head over to the store and try our offerings out for them. I am sure they will be swept off their feet. This is our maiden venture and plans are afoot to launch a few more outlets in the coming months,” Prasad signs off.