Dress for yourself

Yes we are all sitting at home, learning the art of dressing waist upwards to look good for that Zoom call or the Insta Live. How about dressing up for once in these loungey Indian ensembles and interesting vintage jewels that elevate your mood instantly.

A vintage gold coin series in silver by Mine of Design adds just that touch of fun to your Indian lounge wear.

Add this jingle jangle bracelet to add a lilting sound. Also, by Mine of Design, Ambar Paridhi.

And if you want to rush out, wrap yourself in this stylish shrug from the House of Badnore.

Nothing like a cotton dress in block print to revv up the mood. This one by Palace Atelier Jaipur, an initiative of Princess Diya Kumari, gets inspired by the iconic windows of the City Palace.

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