Does Mukul Roy join BJP or TMC in West Bengal?

Initially, BJP leaders were very enthusiastic about the comeback of former Railway Minister Mukul Roy in the BJP. But after reaching Delhi, Mukul started talking to the media about his future plans. When journalists asked him, Why is he joining the BJP? Mukul Roy replied, We have to remove CPM from West Bengal.” Everybody was confused about how to interpret his comment. In the 2011 assembly election, the CPM was defeated by the West Bengal TMC. After that, they have not been able to put up a fight against the TMC government. The opposition space is occupied by the BJP. Those who see some logic in Mukul’s statement, such as the left parties staging a comeback or the effect of Dementiadisease, which Mukul has been suffering from for quite some time. Confusion was also created when Mukul said that he was with the BJP and never left the party. He is still an MLA in the Bengal Assembly. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also made it clear that Mukul is with the BJP. But Bengal BJP leaders said that he has joined TMC in the presence of CM and his nephew Abhishek.

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