Does money solve most of all problems in our lives


I am sure most of us can recall these two classic songs, one by the band ABBA and their song” Money Money Money must be funny in a rich man’s world. All the things I could do if I had a little money, it’s a rich man’s world”. The other our own Hindi classic” Na Biwi Na Bacha, Na Baap Bada Na Maiya. The whole thing is that ke Bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya”
It’s easy to think: “If only I had more money all my problems would be solved”.This is true of all our problems were related to lack of basic stuff, or inability to travel or experience other things in life; but this notion lasts as long as we are short of money, once we have more than we need the problem begins. Money is only important when we don’t have enough of it, agree or disagree the truth remains that Money rules our world, our life, our relationships. Money is important, we need it, but the idea that money can solve all our problems is a myth a dream. There is no need to be greedy but having a certain amount of money helps us lead a healthy, happy balanced life.
Money makes many things but money can also break everything, it can solve and create problems.

Problems Money can create:
Money spoils relationships: e.g. wife husband constantly fighting over how much each earns, children, siblings fighting over property, break-ups and separations because of money and property. What we take years of hardwork, dedication to build and make is over in seconds.
Money can cause mental, emotional stress: both in its presence and absence, the more one has the greed for more is constantly there, and for the one who doesn’t the fear, tension of tomorrow and future troubles.
Money can make people judgmental about you; you can make friends, lose friends, be a hero and become zero in second all because of Money
No one can have absolute control over money, if they say so they are lying. One should know how to survive with less money and how not to over indulge when we have money in excess…the expression save it for a rainy day is easily forgotten. Money is as important as you may need it, earn money because it matters a lot but while in the process of doing so don’t lose your values, relationships & moral. Never allow money to rule you.
“Money is like chewing gum, you chew on it, lose its flavor in sometime and once your jaw can take it no more you spit it out.” The fact which one should never forget that days and time change without giving us time, one day you may be the richest person, the next second the poorest…money can make you a king and a pauper .
According to me, money, morals, relationships, love all have their own values and importance in our lives, problem begins when money overtakes the remaining aspects of our life, even if one thing goes missing, they will turn our lives upside down in seconds. Some say money cannot buy happiness. It’s wrong; money can buy happiness for the moment: don’t you feel happy when you buy your dream house, car, clothes etc, and its money that is buying your happiness even if it’s temporary. Money can also solve & bring problems. It can bring back your loved ones in your lives, get back your standing in society, make you rich and famous and most talked about celebrity in society.
When you are wealthy you often wonder if people like you now or merely want a share in your wealth, if you have too much money you cannot blame your problem on lack of money. Infact lack of money can make your life simpler, your goals easier to identify while excess money can make your life miserable.
Money is like a pot of honey attracting the bees, all happy, as long as the pot is full, once its empty you are forgotten and left all alone.The greed of money is so much that we seldom give a moment thought to the fact that we are all visitors on this planet and one day we have to depart…that too empty so why so much arrogance, money should be seen as a temporary credit and not as a lifetime insurance and assurance.
In the end, I only hope that we leave enough clean air and water for our future generations, instead of leaving them wealth. Don’t count your pennies, count your blessing and you will be a happier person.
Bhavani Sundaram is a Delhi-based freelance writer.