Director Jonathan Krisel in talks to helm ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

Finally, the creators of the Pokemon franchise have listened to all of us as they are gearing up to drop the sequel to “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” to end our wait!

For those who are unaware, let us tell you that the sequel of the movie might finally have a director, as ‘Portlandia’ fame co-creator Jonathan Krisel is in negotiations with the brand.

As per reports, an American variety media company, Krisel, is in talks to direct the sequel to the live-action movie. The story of the upcoming film will reportedly be written by Chris Galletta.

The original ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds and a talking Pikachu who fancied himself as Sherlock Holmes, premiered back on 3 May, 2019.

The story of the original movie revolves around Tim’s missing father. In the movie, we witnessed the electric mouse teaming up with Tim Goodman, a down-on-his-luck Pokemon trainer played by Justice Smith.

In another news, the streaming giant Netflix has announced the release of a new stop-motion animated series titled ‘Pokemon Concierge.’ A live-action Netflix series is currently in the works.

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