Devotees swarm the temples to offer prayers on third Monday of Sawan

On the third Monday of Sawan, worshippers swarm the temples to offer prayers


On the third Monday of Sawan 2023, worshippers flocked to temples across the nation to offer prayers. At the Gauri-Shankar temple in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, devotees prayed. At the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, prayers were said on this occasion.

Since the early morning, a line of people had formed outside the temple to ask Lord Shiva’s blessing. Early this morning, temple priests at the Mahakaleshwar Temple performed “Bhasma Aarti.”

Sawan will last for two months this year. It began on July 4 and will last through August 31. There would be eight Mondays rather than four, and it would last 59 days. One of the most sacred months of the year is Sawan, also referred to as Shravan, which is the fifth month of the Hindu lunar calendar.

This year, the Shravan period stretches for two months instead of the usual one-month period. Previously, an almost two-month-long Shravan period was observed approximately 19 years ago.

Shravan is regarded as Lord Shiva’s favorite month in terms of religious doctrine. It is thought that people can find relief from their problems by worshiping Lord Shiva during this time.