Devegowda stands by Railway Minister amidst calls for resignation


In a somber turn of events, a devastating railway accident has left nearly 300 people dead, plunging the nation into grief and raising important questions about railway safety. Former Prime Minister and JDS National President, HD Devegowda, shed light on the situation and offered his insights during an exclusive interview.
Addressing the issue at hand, Devegowda expressed his condolences for the lives lost and emphasized that the Railway Minister should not be treated as a politician but as a bureaucrat. He vouched for the minister’s integrity and urged caution in demanding immediate resignations before a thorough inquiry is conducted. According to him, it would be premature to assign blame without a comprehensive understanding of the technical faults or potential sabotage that may have led to the tragic collision of three trains.
While opposition parties, including the Congress, have been relentless in their demand for the Railway Minister’s resignation, Devegowda advocated for patience and stated that it would be more appropriate to await the results of a formal inquiry. He highlighted the Railway Minister’s honest character and emphasized that rushing to judgments would be unwarranted at this stage.
Shifting focus to political alliances, Devegowda refrained from commenting on the leaders from regional provinces attempting to forge an alliance against the ruling BJP. He preferred to concentrate on matters within Karnataka, stating that he aimed to strengthen his party, the JDS, independently without affiliating with any particular party or leader. This approach demonstrated his commitment to maintaining equidistance from both national and regional entities, focusing solely on the interests of his party and the state.
When questioned about the Congress party’s recent rise to power on the promise of five guarantee schemes, Devegowda adopted a wait-and-see approach. He cautiously acknowledged that the true test lies in how the Congress fulfills its promises and secures the necessary resources to sustain them. While he advocated for patience and a comprehensive inquiry into the accident, his emphasis on maintaining equidistance from political factions indicated a focused and independent approach to strengthen the JDS. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the railway tragedy, the search for answers and accountability continues, keeping the entire country on tenterhooks.