Delhi woman was stuck under left front wheel of car : Report


The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) reported on Wednesday that the 20-year-old woman who died in Delhi after being dragged by a car for approximately 12 kilometres was stuck to the left front wheel of the car.

It is reported that most of the blood stains were found behind the front left wheel and added that so far, there are no signs to indicate that the woman was inside the car.

It said blood stains were also found on other parts under the car. The forensic lab is expected to submit three reports to the Delhi Police in connection with the case, out of which one will be submitted on Wednesday.

The three reports cover the crime site blood samples, the blood samples taken from the five suspected people detained in the case, and a report based on a recreation of the crime scene. Today, the FSL will turn in its report on the crime scene recreation.

Anjali was not alone at the time when her scooty met with an accident. She was with her friend named Nidhi.

Nidhi said the men knew the girl got stuck under their car, but still, they kept dragging her.

She also said that Anjali was drunk but she still insisted on driving the two-wheeler.

Nidhi said after the scooty was hit by the car, Anjali came under the car, and she got dragged with it.