Delhi: Sharad Pawar to hold Opposition leaders’ meet tomorrow

Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, have invited the Rajya Sabha floor leaders of the Opposition Parties to a meeting on Thursday to discuss the Rural Electronic Voting Machine.

Tomorrow at 6 o’clock, a meeting will be held at Pawar’s home. The leader of the Nationalist Congress Party proposed calling a meeting of all political parties that have concerns about the effectiveness of the Rural Electronic Voting Machine in a letter to all opposition leaders.

This development occurred after the Chief Election Commissioner pledged to address the concerns voiced by some political parties and members of the civil society.

According to Pawar, the gathering has been called in the interest of free and fair elections and to hear the opinions of renowned IT experts and cryptographers.

In the CCE Report, a number of crucial issues are brought up. The report includes opinions from renowned professors of information technology, cryptographers, and former government officials.

In May 2022, the civil society sent a letter to ECI, followed by a follow-up reminder two weeks later. Even so, ECI didn’t respond to their letter. Even the average person now has questions about the potential for EVM manipulation.

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