Delhi police trolls Pakistani cricketers in a road safety tweet-‘Ae bhai, zara dekh ke chalo’

The Delhi police, which is known for spreading awareness about cyber crimes, phishing attacks and traffic rules with the help of memes, has done it again. The Delhi police have taken a dig into Pakistani fielders who bumped into each other while taking a catch in the T20I Aisa Cup finals and both of them missed it.

In the tweet, Pakistani players Asif Ali and Shadab Khan can be seen running towards the ball, and both of them were so focused on the ball that they couldn’t see each other, which ended up missing the catch and giving a six to the Sri Lankan team, as the ball bounced off the fielder’s hand and went off the boundary. The song playing in the background is “ae bhai, zara dekh ke chalo”.

 Shadab Khan dropped several catches in the Asia Cup finals against the winning Sri Lankan team. As a result of the dropped catches, Pakistan conceded a chunk of runs in the final five overs.

The Delhi police has used many innovative ways of spreading awareness and their ways have also been impactful. After the incident involving the Tata Group’s former chairman, Cyrus Mistry, the Delhi Police department also kicked off a campaign on Twitter to educate citizens about the importance of wearing seatbelts while driving or sitting in a car.

One of the posts shared by Delhi Police on Twitter said, “Stay fine! Always wear a seatbelt, whether you are in the front or back.” Meanwhile, the text in the picture read, “You will be fined,” with a picture of a seatbelt overlapping the text.

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