Delhi police arrested 3 for harassing Japanese tourist

If you’re using the social media platform Twitter, chances are you must have encountered a video posted by a Japanese tourist who seemed to be celebrating the colos festival, Holi. At first the video will look fine, wherein a foreigner seemed to be enjoying and celebrating the Indian festival.

However, if you will look closely, you will find the tourist was being harassed by 3 people who are pretending to apply the color but in reality, they are harassing the woman. The video of the incident which was originally posted by the foreigner herself, however, a while later, she deleted it, is now making rounds on the internet.

The video of the incident has sparked outrage and calls for tough immediate action. Though the girl has not filed any complaint but the authorities have taken the action in connection with the case.

The woman has reportedly left the country and reached Bangladesh yesterday, the authorities revealed.  Furthermore, they have arrested 3 people in connection with the harassment and manhandling, police informed today.

They also revealed that she was staying at the Paharganj  area in Central Delhi and out of the accused, one who reportedly is Juvenile also stays in the same area.

The investigators informed that, “The girl has tweeted that she has reached Bangladesh and is mentally and physically fit.”

For those who are unaware of the content of the video, let us tell you, in the video, men are seemed to be grabbing her and smearing colors on her amid chanting “Holi Hai.” Another boy is also seen smashing an egg on her head.

A third one seen to be trying to hold her, however, she managed to step away. By the end of the video, the woman was seen to be completely drenched and almost unrecognizable.

The officials informed that they are in touch with the Japan embassy and had identified the accused with the help of local investigation and intelligence.

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