Delhi NCR : Reliance Jio launches fire safety and prevention campaign

In Delhi NCR, Reliance Jio launches a campaign to promote fire safety


Reliance Jio has launched a campaign to improve fire safety and fire prevention protocols at all of its network sites in Delhi NCR. This campaign, which will last until September 30, highlights Jio’s dedication to safety and aims to educate its field teams and service provider partners about fire safety.

This campaign’s main goal is to promote a culture of safety awareness by educating people about fire safety and preventative measures. By doing this, Reliance Jio hopes to reduce the frequency of fire incidents at its network sites and eventually achieve a record of zero incidents. The campaign’s main focuses are educational outreach, safety drills and training, improved infrastructure, community engagement, cooperation with authorities, and adherence to standards.

A major focus will be on adherence to safety standards, including proper power connections and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
At the beginning of the campaign, Jio employees and service provider partners pledged their commitment to fire safety.
The campaign further includes the display of informative posters illustrating best safety practices and engaging contests to promote safety awareness and encourage the adoption of preventive measures.