Delhi: Man seen beating woman, forcing her to sit in car

According to the Delhi police, a man was seen in a video beating a woman and forcing her to sit in a car near the Mangolpuri flyover.

A police officer revealed that, “On initial investigation, it was found that the car is registered at Gurugram’s Ratan Vihar where a team of personnel was sent.” He also expressed that the investigation in the case is underway and they are still gathering more information about the driver and the incident.

The 18 second video started with a man pushing the girl into car, as soon as he pushed her into the car, he started throwing punches at her. The number of the vehicle which was seemed to be HR55AA9106.

According to Delhi Police, previously, on March 17, a person was arrested in connection with a viral video in which several people were seen standing on the roofs of cars, violating traffic rules.

According to the police, in the widely circulated video, some people can be seen standing on top of moving vehicles on NH-24 near Pandav Nagar in flagrant violation of the law in order to celebrate a YouTuber’s birthday.

As per the statement given by authorities, YouTuber was identified as Prince Dixit. An officer stated that, “He informed that this video was shot while he, along with some friends, were on their way to Shakarpur on his birthday on November 16, 2022. He admitted to standing on a car roof, violating traffic rules. He also appealed his followers on YouTube not to attempt similar stunts.”

He further added that, “”A case was registered in the matter. Efforts are ongoing to apprehend his friends, who also created a ruckus on the road, on November 16, 2022.”

We are urging anyone with information of vehicle number HR55AA9106, please reached out to the Police peersonnel.

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