Delhi High Court Directed District Judges To Ensure Records Of Disposed Cases Are Immediately Transmitted To Record Room


The Delhi High Court in the case Karan S Thukral v. The District and Sessions Judge and Ors observed and has directed all the District Judges in the national capital for ensuring that after disposal of a case, thus, the records of it are immediately transmitted to the record room.

The Division bench comprising of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Sanjeev Narula in the case was dealing with the public interest litigation moved concerning the lack of standardised procedure for the acknowledgment of pleadings, documents and applications filed in the district courts of Delhi.

The court directed all the District Judges to ensure that after disposal of a case, its records are immediately transmitted to the record room by the custodian of the record.
Further, the court directed all the District Judges to file a status report in respect of the aforesaid within the period 4 week.

The bench in the case observed and has directed in August that all the district courts in Delhi to adopt a ‘standardized online filing system’ for pleadings, documents, and miscellaneous applications and has issued a slew of directions to be followed till the time appropriate Rules are in place.

It has also been stated by the Delhi High Court’s administration that the directions have been complied with partially. Therefore, the High Court’s counsel informed the court that a progress report stating the challenges and learnings will be submitted within four weeks.
The court in its order stated that let a fresh status report be filed by the Delhi High court detailing compliance with all directions issued by the said court on August 17, 2023, within the period of 4 weeks.

The bench while considering the facts and circumstances of the case stated that the High Court’s status report also revealed that the issue concerning the framing of rules for a centralised online filing system has been forwarded to the Information Technology Committee of the High Court for further deliberations.

Accordingly, the court listed the matter for further consideration on November 20, 2023. The counsel, Advocate Mr. Sahil Ralli appeared for the petitioner. The counsel, Advocates, Mrs. Avnish Ahlawat, SC, GNCTD with Mr. N.K. Singh, Ms. Laavanya Kaushik and Ms. Aliza Alam, Mr. Shubham Mahajan represented the respondent.