Delhi High Court Allowed Holding Of Seminar On Fascism, Ask Organizers For Giving Invites’ Details To Police

he Delhi High Court in the case Gade Inna Reddy AndAnr. v. Government of NCT Delhi And Ors observed and has allowed the holding of a two days National Seminar which is to be conducted through “Bharat Bachao” platform on the theme “Understanding Fascism In Present India Context” and has also asked the parties for ensuring that it is held in a “peaceful atmosphere.”
The bench headed by Justice Tushar Rao Gedela was hearing the petition moved by one Gade Inna Reddy and Dr.Mondru Francis Gopinath, wherein it is challenged that the order passed by Delhi police on March 09 denying permission to hold the seminar two days before its schedule.
It being the case of the petitioner that they being the members of “Bharat Bachao”, a collective of scholars, the social activists, politicians and advocates, among others and they want to, voice their opinions about the issues wherein pertaining to the society at large.
Therefore, the national seminar is being scheduled to be held at Harikishan Singh Surjit Bhavan at I.P.Estate on March 11 and March 12.
The court observed and has given node to the to the event while directing the petitioners for compiling the list of invitees with complete details of their residence and identity cards and for submitting it to the concerned SHO.
It has also been directed by the court for providing a contact number of a responsible person of the organization for enabling the police authorities to have a contact in respect of the two days seminar.
Adding to it, the court observed that it has been assured by the petitioner and undertakes that there shall be no cause of any untoward incident so far as the Organising Committee and participants are concerned.
It has been submitted by the counsel appearing for the Delhi Police before the court that the of the police authorities would be satisfied if certain information is provided to them. It has also been contended before the court that the permission for conducting the seminar may be granted subject to directions or conditions passed by the court.
The counsel, Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves appearing for the petitioners submitted before the court that apart from ten keynote speakers mentioned in the plea, the other participants are strictly invited on invitation basis.
Further, it has also been submitted that the anxiety of the police authorities to that extent will be resolved by providing a list of such persons.
Accordingly, the court disposed of the plea.

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