Delhi govt launches ‘Delhi Corona’ for hospital updates

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Ke j r iwa l o n T u e s d ay launched a mobile app for information on availability of beds and ventilators in the national capital’s Covid-designated hospitals. Ferrying information about beds and ventilators in both private and government hospitals, the ‘Delhi Corona’ app will carry updates twice a day— 10 am and 6 pm and can be downloaded through Google playstore.

Talking about the app, Kejriwal said, “Coronavirus cases are increasing and we don’t want people running from one hospital to another. We will let them know the exact status of beds and their availability. Today there are 6,731 beds in Delhi while only 2,631 patients are admitted, 4,100 beds are empty. The Delhi government will be uploading all this information on the app, the reason behind launching an app is that there have been instances in the past where people are complaining of shortage of beds and medical facilities and this app will tell you the number of vacant beds in every hospital.”

With the help of this app the citizens of Delhi will be able to know where patient can find hospitals with available beds, but before its launch the Delhi government was also worried about the fact that the people from other states will try to approach these hospitals. For this, the Delhi government has issued an order to seal the border of Delhi and is asking for suggestions from the people.

AAP MLA Atishi Marlena, speaking on the development, said, “A lot of people from other states want to get admitted in Delhi hospitals because of the developed infrastructure. But people are suggesting that Delhi hospitals, especially those funded by the Delhi government, should be reserved for the people of Delhi only. People from other states can get admitted in the centre run hospitals.”

Sources in the Delhi government suggest that in the coming days the government can reserve Delhi government hospitals for citizens of Delhi only.

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir made some serious allegations against the Kejriwal government by saying this govt is not providing accurate data regarding the availability of beds in hospitals. Gambhir while speaking toThe Daily Guardian, said that the state government is spreading “misinformation” about the distribution of food during lockdown and number of hospital beds. He also questioned the state’s demand of Rs 5,000 crore from the Centre.

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