Delhi Environment Minister flags off 150 mobile smog guns to curb air pollution

Gopal Rai, Delhi’s Environment Minister, on Tuesday, flagged off 150 mobile smog guns from Delhi Secretariat, in view of the pollution in the national capital.

“The day after Diwali has recorded the lowest pollution in the last five years. “There has been a reduction of 30 percent in pollution compared to last year itself,” he said while sharing the figures from the last five years. The environment minister congratulated the citizens for their efforts towards keeping pollution under control. 
“The festival of Diwali was celebrated with great pomp yesterday, but I want to congratulate the people of Delhi that, due to your efforts, the level of pollution has not increased today compared to every year. Today is the lowest level of pollution in the last five years. Last year it was 462, but today it has come down to 323. That is, there is a shortfall of about thirty percent, “he said.

Gopal Rai continued by saying that while some people have burst firecrackers, it is anticipated that over time, their level of awareness will rise as well. Since Delhi’s AQI is currently at 323 and rising due to the growing amount of frost. Therefore, attempts are still being made.

“Today we are starting 150 mobile smog guns. Last year we started 10 such smog guns. Out of these 150 mobile smog guns, two smog guns will be installed in every assembly of Delhi, i.e., a total of 70 assemblies, and the rest will be installed at pollution hot spots. “A mobile smog gun will hold seven thousand liters of water and will cover an area of ten km on one side,” he added.

On the incidents of stubble burning in Punjab and the questions being raised by the opposition BJP, Gopal Rai said, “The Punjab government has made efforts despite the centre not cooperating and its effect is also visible. Last year, on the day of Diwali, there were 3032 incidents of stubble burning in Punjab. Stubble was burnt at 228 places in Haryana and 123 in UP”.

Gopal Rai continued by saying that this year, just 1019 instances of burning stubble on Diwali were reported in Punjab, but the number climbed in Haryana and UP. This year, there were 250 burn sites for stubble in Haryana and 215 in UP. 
He responded, “We are grateful that the wind is blowing, but it is absolutely not linked to the wind,” in response to inquiries about whether specialists have linked the direction of the wind to the drop in pollution levels in Delhi.

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