Delhi cop thrashed by woman, sons after he asked them to ‘drive carefully’

According to police, a head constable was savagely thrashed by three persons in Delhi after he asked them to “drive carefully” after their automobile went too close to his vehicle and damaged the front side.

On September 15, an incident was reported in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar neighborhood. M G Rajesh stated in his complaint that when his vehicle was hit, he begged the occupants of the car – two men and a woman – not to drive rashly, pointing out the damage to his car, and then went for home.

After their brief discussion, the 50-year-old indicated he was on his way home, but they followed him and blocked his path. He claimed they took him out of the car and beat him with bricks and an iron rod, as well as damaging his car.

“One of the men picked up a brick and damaged the windshield of my vehicle,” he said. The head constable alleged that the same man dragged him out of his vehicle and started thrashing him.

“I managed to push one of the men away, but the woman attacked me with the brick. The man then overpowered me while his brother attacked me with an iron rod,” he said.

Mr Rajesh claimed he went unconscious following the severe attack. According to Rajesh’s son, the attackers fled the area after wounding his father, and a man stopped and drove him to the hospital.

“My father is currently being treated for his injuries at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital,” he said. He suffered serious head injuries, the Delhi police informed.

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