Delhi: CBI files a bribery case against an MCD inspector

Delhi: CBI accuses MCD inspector of bribery


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) inspector is the subject of an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly demanding a bribe from a shop owner and compelling him to install the G20 logo at his own expense. According to the complaint, Irfan Ali, an inspector assigned to the MCD office in Lajpat Nagar, demanded a bribe from Dinesh Kumar, the complainant. According to the first report, when complainant Dinesh Kumar refused to pay the officer a bribe, the inspector threatened him. Dinesh Kumar has been operating a shop for 13–14 years.

“In August 2023, one inspector Irfan Ali posted at Lajpat Nagar office of MCD came to the complainant and demanded some documents related to the said shop from the complainant, which were provided by the complainant. After that the MCD inspector Irfan Ali demanded some bribe amount from the complainant but the complainant didn’t provide any bribe amount to the inspector on which he threatened the complainant,” the complaint said.
It further added the complainant received a call from the inspector who told him that there was an order to demolish his shop and if the complainant wanted to save it then he had to give some money to the inspector and install a banner of G-20 at his shop.
“After that the complainant installed a G-20 banner with his own expenses and requested some time for arranging the bribe amount,” the FIR said.

“On August 25, MCD closed the shop, and the inspector called the complainant once more to tell him to bring the shop’s records or face consequences. On September 4, the inspector visited the complainant’s shop and informed him that there had been a request to demolish it; in order to do so, he would need to pay the inspector Rs 1.5 lakh. The complainant then made a formal complaint against the inspector to the CBI. According to the CBI official, “during the investigation, the allegations were verified, and a case has been registered against the inspector.”