Dehradun: CM Dhami releases logo, website of Global investors summit

CM Dhami

On Saturday, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami revealed the logo and website of Investor Global Summit in Dehradun.

Speaking on the occasion, CM Dhami stated that “This summit is a big opportunity for the state. We should take maximum advantage of this Investor Summit and bring maximum investment within the state.”

He further added “Earlier on August 17, we had a meeting with the people of the industry group, they all gave their suggestions as to what work needs to be done. Even in Delhi, in a meeting with the leader of the industry group, they were thinking more about Uttarakhand than we were thinking.

There is a feeling among the people regarding the state and investment.  Our motive is to bring more industry into the state and contribute more to the country’s development.”

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami introduced the ‘Destination Uttarakhand’ logo. The Summit aimed to increase investment in Uttarakhand and provide possibilities for enterprises to operate more efficiently.