Adipurush teaser: ‘If the character is from Sri-Lanka, they should not look like Mughals’, says ‘Sita’

The ‘Adipurush’ teaser has received a lot of backlashes since it was launched at a grand event in Ayodhya, last week. Now actor Deepika Chikhlia’s response to the teaser has surfaced on the internet. She said that the teaser shows the antagonist, Raavan, as a Mughal, not a Si-Lankan.

Deepika has portrayed the iconic role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. She is still known for her role even after four decades later. Many refer to her as the ‘real Sita’.
Adipurush is an upcoming film which is adapted from the Hindu mythological epic Ramayan. Directed by Om Raut, the movie stars Prabhas as Ram and Raavan is played by Saif Ali Khan. The teaser has been criticized mainly for the VFX quality and the improper looks of the characters. The VFX is being compared to animated movies and memes on the movie are ruling social media.

In an interview, Deepika talked about the Adipurush teaser. She said, “A film’s characters must appeal to the audience. If the character is from Sri Lanka, they should not look like the Mughals. I could not understand much as we get to see him for mere 30 seconds in the teaser, but he does look different. I agree that times have changed and VFX is an essential part but only as long as the people’s sentiments are not hurt. (But then) It is only a teaser, maybe it does not do justice to the film.”

The director has also responded to the wide criticism, “I was disheartened but not surprised because the film is made for a larger medium. You can cut it down to some extent, but can’t bring it down to a mobile phone, that’s an environment I can’t control. If given a choice, I had never put it on YouTube but that’s the need of the hour. We need to put it there so that it reaches a wide audience.”

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