Decoding the ‘God Complex’ of George Soros


He is someone who managed his public persona well. He architected an image of being a financial wizard, a clairvoyant a philanthropist and a demi god of sorts. He hires his own publicists, grants spontaneous interviews, and aggressively promotes his personal agenda. Comb the internet and voila, articles, interviews, podcasts on his brilliance will pop up in rapid succession.
But beneath this veneer of carefully concocted brand is a person with a complex psychological fabric—its dark, narcissistic, fragile and insecure—George Soros has been described as a pirate and is feared by many countries. His “Open Society Foundation” is banned and blacklisted in many countries. This 92-year-old Hungarian American billionaire has recently been described as a “dangerous man” by India’s external affairs minister.
Anthropologists, psychologists, leadership coaches attempted decoding George Soros personality with various levels of success. He has been compared to Jack Welch. Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford who were skilled orators creative strategists with a vision. While some called him an actively self-promoting narcissistic leader others labeled him a “productive Narcissist” whose self-obsession paid rich dividends.
But their assessment of his personality was way off the mark. George Soros was miles ahead of billionaires like Carl Ichan, a 87-year-old American financier. Carl Ichan known as the “corporate raider” profited from hostile takeovers and asset stripping. He was also known to threaten proxy war if his “advice” was not followed. But Soros unlike these corporate sharks was not interested in corporations. He wanted to collapse countries!
Making a Billion dollar deal by “Breaking the Bank of England” in 1992 fanned his dark pride. He soon became a figure to be feared by countries that were trying to protect fragile currencies. Soros used his currency positions to “punish” countries whose policies are not in his favour, by pressuring governments financially, Soros attempted to force political changes.
Soros is known to have interfered in the internal affairs of various countries across the world through his NGOs to achieve his political objectives. The Hungarian government passed legislation titled “Stop Soros” and Russia banned two foundations funded by him claiming that they posed a “threat to national security” and were undermining the Russian constitution.
George Soros changed his domain from finance to politics. Perhaps that’s when his GOD complex took birth.

The God Complex
George Soros started playing God. World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos was his stage. Political jargon replaced financial jargon and political polemics became his pass time. His speeches embellished with “Greater Good of the World” “Fight authoritarian regimes” and “I feel responsible for the future of civilization” indicate the onset of his “God Complex”.
His targeted attacks on president Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin show that he is no longer a corporate honcho, but an ambitious politician with no country boundaries. But his war cry against Modi from the Swiss Alps was what made everyone sit up in India. He proclaimed that PM Modi needs to be ousted for the “greater good” of this country. Soros accused Modi of creating a “Hindu nationalist state”. Soros sees his machinations as “much needed institutional reforms” and “democratic revival” in India.
In January 2020, Soros committed $1 billion to start a global university to “fight nationalists” and climate change, calling them twin challenges that threaten the survival of our civilization. He started tarnishing India’s image globally in an undeclared silent war against the country. His propaganda machinery has boundless reach—he has been linked to anti-CAA and farmer protests, speculation on Rafale jets deal and Pegasus spyware. Not so sly meeting with Imran Khan and alleged support to illegal Rohingyas in India expose his sleight of hand.
Personality & Politics: The link
Beneath this façade of manipulative brilliance is there is an insecure child? George Soros was a holocaust survivor—a born jew, at 13 he had to escape from Nazis pretending to be Christian. When asked in an interview whether that had an impact on his personality he gave an emphatic NO. In fact he said “I don’t think of the human consequences of my actions” demolishing any iota of doubt about his psychological make up.
Sigmund Freud was indeed right when he said narcissists are emotionally isolated and highly distrustful. They lack empathy, have few regrets and their decisions inevitably make many people angry and sad. Narcissistic leaders are relentless and ruthless in their pursuit of victory. Achievements can feed feelings of grandiosity. Narcissists Freud says are sadly not restrained by conscience.
So what is “God Complex” then? “God Complex” is not a diagnosable disorder and doesn’t appear in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM). The recognized diagnostic name for the behaviours associated with a “God Complex” is narcissistic personality Disorder (NPD).
People with Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves. And they’re in love with this inflated self-image precisely because it allows them to avoid deep feelings of insecurity. They suffer from delusions of grandeur. They exhibit pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration.
Compare Soros with Adam Smith who was known to be a shy individual, clumsy at times with a speech defect. Yet he is considered Father of Economics and father of Capitalism. On the other hand, people like Soros with god complex are manipulative, selfish and demanding. Psychologists say that one has to identify and protect oneself from their power plays. They suggest we establish boundaries. India should take that advice strongly—counter George Soros’ Power Plays. Ensure that our boundaries, both physical and psychological, are protected from his machinations.
Karuna Gopal Vartakavi is President, Foundation for Futuristic Cities, BJP National Incharge, Women Policies & Research.