Death toll rises to 43 in suicide bombing at Kabul school

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The death toll from a suicide bombing at the Kaaj Educational Center in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, has gone up to 43. The casualty figures in Friday’s college bombing in the Hazara neighbourhood are likely to rise further, as per the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). Till now, 43 people have been killed and around 83 have been wounded, with girls and young women as the main victims. The human toll from Friday’s college bombing in the Hasra neighbourhood of the Afghan capital continues to rise. 43 killed. 83 wounded Girls and young women are the main victims. Casualty figures are likely to rise further. “The verification process continues by UNAMA human rights teams in Kabul,” tweeted UNAMA.
Earlier, on Friday, a blast occurred in the 13th security area of Kabul, Taliban spokesperson Abdul Nafee Takour was quoted. Multiple media reports claim that about 100 students of the institute have been killed in the attack. However, the UNAMA said that its human rights teams in Kabul are helping to establish an accurate record of the college attack in the Hazara neighbourhood.
Earlier, a number of women from Afghanistan’s minority Hazara community on Saturday protested in Kabul against the terror attack at the Kaaj Educational Center. The female protestors dressed in black chanted slogans against the genocide of minorities and demanded their rights.
This explosion comes a few days after a blast was reported near the Wazir Akbar Khan area of Kabul that sparked a global outcry. The recent blast outside the Russian Embassy in Kabul was also condemned in the strongest terms.
This series of blasts comes as the Taliban completed one year of its rule in Afghanistan following the ouster of the US-backed civilian government last year. Rights groups said the Taliban had broken multiple pledges to respect human and women’s rights. Meanwhile, the Taliban on Monday shot into the crowd of young girls who were peacefully protesting in Herat to demand their right to go to school. 
Rights groups say that the Taliban’s human rights abuses have brought widespread condemnation and imperilled international efforts to address the country’s dire situation.

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