Day 1 of winter session of parliament: PM Modi urges parties to add value to discussions

The winter session of the Parliament will begin today with a total of 17 days. Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar will preside over the session for the first time as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

On the agenda would be 16 news bills, which will be tabled by the BJP-led Central government. These 16 bills would include data protection bill, banking act, insolvency law, competition commission act among others. Some of these bills have already been introduced in the parliament and will be taken up for discussion.

Addressing the media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the parliament is meeting at a time when India has received the opportunity to preside over G20, emphasizing that the manner in which India has made space in global community, the manner in which expectations with India have risen, and the manner in which India is increasing its participation on global platform at a time like this, is a huge opportunity. He added that the G20 summit isn’t just a diplomatic event but an opportunity to display India’s capabilities in front of the world.

Urging all the political parties to engage in fruitful discussions, PM Modi said, “In this session, efforts will be made to take important decisions while keeping in mind taking the country to new heights of development and new opportunities to take the country forward amid current global situation. I’m confident that all parties will add value to discussions.”

“I urge leaders of all political parties and all floor Leaders that we give more and more opportunities to the first-time MPs, the new MPs, the young MPs for their bright future and to prepare the future generation of democracy and that their participation in discussions increase,” he added. 

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