Daughter of Indian sanitation worker praises country for uplifting Dalit, OBCs at UNHRC

The daughter of a sanitation worker from India’s Indore city, who is doing her PhD in Switzerland on a government scholarship, has praised the country for uplifting the marginalized people, during the 52nd Session of Human Rights Council Session in Geneva on Friday.
Speaking exclusively to ANI at the UN, Rohini Ghavari said: “I have got a golden chance to be at the UN. For the past two years, I am doing my PhD in Geneva and it was my dream to represent India at the United Nations and spread awareness about the situation of the Dalit community in India”. She added: “Being a girl, it was always a difficult path to reach here. As a Dalit girl, I am really proud that I got a chance to be here. The condition of Dalit in India is much better than in neighbouring counties like Pakistan and others. We have a reservation policy for Dalits. Even I received a scholarship of Rs. 1 Crore from the government of India. I am a real example.”
Rohini said that as a sanitation worker’s daughter, it’s a big achievement that we have reached here.
Pakistan has been continuously attacking India on minorities issues and the treatment of Dalit, tribal and other people belonging to marginalized sections of the society.
Rohini said: “The major change in India is that we have a tribal President Draupadi Murmu, and we have an OBC Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Of course, in the past 75 years, dalits in India have witnessed changes. There are not much counties where minorities have got a chance to reach at the top position. But, our country’s Constitution is so strong where a person belonging to marginalised section can take a dream of becoming a Prime Minister or President. He / She can go to Harvard and Oxford. India has seen such changes”.
She added: “Some countries and even NGOs used to portray wrong image of India at the UN. If you are representing your country at international forums, there are both positive and negative things. If you go to the U.S., they have an issue of Black and White. In India, we have cases of caste discrimination. But, there are positive things too. Being a Dalit girl, I am an example”.
“I believe that we should also portray positive things at the UN. I have told the UN that we are witnessing many changes and some things still need to be improved. My mother is a sanitation worker and I know the challenges. A lot needs to be done about manual scavengers as National Commission for Sanitation Workers has been established. I have spoken about this and I request PM Modi to work for the manual scavengers.”

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