The tragic death of top Industrialist and former Chairman of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry in a car crash on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Highway raises multiple issues. It indicates that even the best designed high ended vehicles, in this instance a top model of the Mercedes, can be involved in mishaps where the passengers may not survive the impact of the accident. Secondly, it raises the issue of the use of seat belts for also those travelling on the back seats of the car, to minimize the chances of their being killed; Cyrus was apparently not wearing a seat belt while occupying the rear seat. Many experts are of the view that had he secured himself by wearing the safety belt, he would have been alive. Finally, the concerned authorities must probe his death from every possible angle to rule out any possibility of foul play. Cyrus was a powerful person, who also had powerful enemies and this aspect must be thoroughly investigated by taking assistance of top forensic experts and the specialists from the Mercedes car company. After all the reputation of the firm which manufactures one of the most reliable family cars in the world is at stake as well. Even Princess Diana was travelling in a Mercedes when she died in a car crash in Paris many years ago. Later inputs from intelligence agencies around the world suggested that she may have been assassinated by one of the top agencies of Britain for reasons which were both obvious not so obvious. In any case, this particular incident which killed Cyrus Mistry needs to be probed from all angles in order to eliminate any conspiracy theories that may emerge later. The safety aspects are equally important and the central government as well as dispensations in various states must ensure that roads are designed in such a manner that they reduce the chances of any kind of accidents. Most western countries rely heavily on road engineering to make travelling safer. In India too, the traffic police often have the task of identifying accident prone zones and alerting drivers taking those routes. Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari has recently spoken about the need to impose heavy fines on those who flout rules and do not wear seat belts. The intention of the government needs to be applauded but it also should be understood that once the money attached to the fines is hiked, it also escalates the bribes many defaulters pay in order to escape these fines, and this hike serves the purpose of unscrupulous and corrupt police personnel and officers of the Transport department. In most States, the traffic rules are not properly enforced and people move around freely on their two wheelers without wearing the mandatory Helmet. While there must be full emphasis on road safety, the authorities in particular must do something more for the school children who travel in mini vans where they are packed with other children with little or scant regard for their safety. The safety of school kids is of paramount importance and the governments both at the Centre and in States must pay heed to this issue. The safety aspects should not be raised only when someone well known like Cyrus Mistry passes away or when some years ago, Union Minister Gopinath Munde had died tragically in a car mishap. These matters have to be handled and taken on top priority on a day-to-day basis.