Curfew imposed in two villages for disputes over cow slaughter in Rajasthan, Internet suspended


Following a scuffle between protesters and police officers in the state’s Hanumangarh area, the Rajasthan police apprehended 45 people, among them is a woman. A curfew was also put in place by the district administration in two neighbouring villages in an effort to maintain calm.

On July 11, close to Chidiya Gandhi village, the people were protesting and calling for action against anyone engaged in slaughtering the cow on Eid. According to police officials, six people were detained earlier in this context  

Locals said that during the fights on Wednesday, which included stone-pelting and baton charges, numerous protestors and police officers were hurt.

After the event on July 11, according to district collector Nathmal Didel, an FIR was filed after obtaining the FSL report. The complaint’s identified defendants were taken into custody. However, the residents of the panchayats of Gandhi Badi and Chidiya Gandhi held a dharna and had been protesting for the previous three to four days.

He claimed that even though Section 144 was already in effect in the district, these individuals broke the law by refusing to request permission from the administration. There were discussions with the protesters, but they didn’t grasp the problem and persisted in their protest, resulting in conflicts with the police. The police claimed that the dharna was unlawful and that the demands made were unjustified. On Tuesday night, some of the protesters were arrested, and the tent was taken. About 150 people gathered without permission on Wednesday morning to protest the police action, and several of them were detained.

Didel said, “We have imposed a curfew in Gandhi Badi and Chidiya Gandhi gram panchayat as the villagers have been violating Section 144. Only emergency services are permitted. Internet services have also been suspended.”