Cross over from this world of death to immortality


The brave one sees that there is one consciousness present in everything, every living being and in every object. It is that which is present everywhere. One who recognises that “the consciousness which is in me is everywhere”, crosses over this world of death to immortality. This temporary world is of death. Here, everything dies, and everything changes, but do you see that subtle field of energy, that subatomic level of energy which doesn’t change?

Atoms and molecules disintegrate, but something deeper than that, a subatomic particle, is the same. Objects disintegrate, but atoms remain the same. All these human bodies are all different, but there is one field of energy, a mind that goes through everybody.

Do you see that there is one thing, one consciousness, that is in everybody?

The really brave one sees that one consciousness, that divine consciousness, the spirit in all the people, expressing itself in various different forms and different ways. It is all made up of one being, one field of energy. One who focuses on this and understands this deep within, crosses over this world of death to immortality. Nothing whatsoever can shake him or her. Ephemeral happenings do not touch the one who is connected with the universal energy.

From you projecting your mind onto everybody, you see everybody is a projection of that one consciousness. This is the journey of life from ignorance to enlightenment. In ignorance you project your emotions on others. You are angry at everybody and you think the other is angry at you. You have an ego and you think the other has an ego, and you are negative and you think others are negative.

You don’t respect people and you think others don’t respect you. You don’t love others and you think others don’t love you. You are projecting your mind on to others. This is ignorance.

Knowledge is seeing the whole universe as a projection of the consciousness. It is not an individual who is doing this or that. It is all a play and display of the universal phenomenon where everyone is like a rag doll—knowing this is enlightenment. You have to do this right here. Otherwise, when you die, whatever memory you take and whatever aversions, hatred or cravings you harbour within, you are going to carry that with you and it will be a great loss to you. You are missing this mind which is meant to experience infinity. Instead of getting the infinity ingrained in the finite mind, you are putting the mind in the mud. The Upanishad moves from the world of death to the world of immortality. In this world of death, one who sees in every living being, every creature, every element, that which is the cause of it, can recognise that the cause is all-permeating.