Crickex app in Bangladesh

Since its launch in 2018, the site has provided gamblers with a wide variety of entertainment alternatives. The site takes wagers on a wide variety of sports, e-sports, online casinos, and lotteries. Several Bangladeshi lawmakers use the forum regularly. And naturally, such a popular betting platform will also have an app so that punters can access the site from their mobile devices and make wagers, as well as collect any wins they may accrue. Find out more about the app in general by reading the following:

Supported OS Android, iOS
Cost Free
App languages Bengali, Hindi, English
Application version 1.5
App category Sports betting and online casino

The programme works well on a wide variety of mobile platforms. Hence, there will be no problems while utilising it on a mobile device.

Android Download Instructions

Downloading the APK file will not take much time. All you have to do is follow three simple steps below:

  1. Get the Crickex file here. Choose “Download Crickex APK” or “Download programme” from the site’s header;
  2. Put your hands on your hats and wait for the download to finish. The installation file for the programme takes a while to download;
  3. Just download the Crickex APK file and install it. Get the app from your browser’s “Downloads” folder and run it. This will allow you to access it directly from your computer’s desktop.

Any Android smartphone users with a 6.0 or later OS version can download the Crickex mobile app. Following setup, you’ll have access to all of the casino games, betting options, and other gaming features.

How to download Crickex app on iOS

There is currently no file available for iOS device installation. Currently, programming is being worked on. But, a mobile version of the site has been developed specifically for people who use these kinds of gadgets. For it to work, you must take the following measures:

  1. Choose “crickex mobile app download for iOS” or “Download app” from the site’s header;
  2. Make an account by registering. Complete the sign-up procedure with your iOS account information;
  3. You may now begin betting on the go with Crickex. Choose a game to wager on, add money to your account, and place your first wager.

It’s clear that setting up an account for the game is a simple process; within only a few minutes, players may begin using their new accounts. Depositing players may gamble on their teams of choice with the site’s betting options.

Crickex app login

Bets and casino games on the Crickex mobile app are restricted to registered and authorised users only. If you already have an account, you can access it by following these steps:

  1. Get the app going on the mobile device. To access your account, please click the icon below;
  2. Fill in the email address or phone number and password;
  3. To log in, use the sign-in option.

The site’s homepage will load when you complete these procedures. All the most intriguing parts are open to you. Also, if the user registered using a social network, they may log in using that information.


There is no need to repeat this process if you have already registered on the platform. Just launch the client and enter your credentials to access the service. If you haven’t already done so, you can make an account within the programme itself. In order to do this, you must follow these measures:

  1. Start the programme up and sign up for an account;
  2. It’s up to you to pick one of the two options for making an account;
  3. Fill out the form with your personal details;
  4. Once you’ve finished signing up, you may begin playing.

Your newly established account will be valid for use with any and all Crickex releases. There is no requirement to register three different accounts to use the software’s several iterations (desktop, online, and gambling).

The Benefits of Using a Mobile App

Every task may be accomplished more quickly and with less effort when utilising a gadget that can be used in one hand. You may wager whenever and anywhere you choose with the Crickex app. The most important features of a mobile app are as follows:

  • A simple and straightforward UI. Sports betting, casino gaming, and profile management are all conveniently accessible within the app;
  • Gambling in a casino or with a live dealer. Users may try their luck at a variety of popular casino games without ever leaving the app, in addition to placing wagers on sporting events;
  • Always new developments. More features and better protection for user information are only two of the things that are routinely updated in this mobile app;
  • Minimal system requirements for operation. The Crickex app runs smoothly and efficiently on older or less powerful devices.

You may play casino games after downloading the Crickex app for Android or iOS. It is not necessary to install any extra software or create a new account. After starting the programme, just navigate to the proper menu. There is no need to consider the player’s location or device kind when using the app. The system is compatible with nearly any gadget. Hence, all you have to do to start winning is install the programme.


There are two options for addressing user concerns and inquiries. If a player needs help, they may reach out to the service and obtain it. You may do this by writing to or by using the website’s or app’s built-in live chat feature. Expert technicians are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have while using the website or mobile app and to answer any queries you may have.


What to do if the app does not work?

If you encounter a problem when installing the app, consider sending a snapshot of the error to customer support or uninstalling and reinstalling the programme.

Is Crickex app Bangladesh trusted?

Certainly, thousands of customers all across the world, including those in Bangladesh, support Crickex as a reliable bookmaker for online gambling.

How do I sign into my account using my mobile application?

Crickex’s mobile app registration and login is identical to the leading site. Users will be prompted to establish an account or sign in after installing and using the app. Click “Login” and sign in using the same approach as the desktop site.

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