TDP national general secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh has written a letter to Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, urging his government to cancel the class 10 examinations altogether, considering the continuing rise in Covid-19 cases.

Lokesh has told the CM that the class 10 examinations were fast approaching and they were scheduled to start all over the state in just three weeks from now. On the other hand, the deadly infections were rising unabated due to the second Covid-19 wave. The students and their parents were now under extreme stress because of the threat of coronavirus, on the one hand, and the examinations, on the other.

Nara Lokesh urged the AP government to follow their example and give pass certificates to all class 10 students without conducting the examinations. Over 12 states, including neighbouring Telangana, have cancelled the class 10 examinations at the beginning of the second wave of infections itself. Students and parents have brought to the notice of the TDP in online meetings about the pressing need for cancellation of the examinations.

Lokesh pointed out that there was still uncertainty when exactly these raging epidemic infections would come down to give some relief to the people. This kind of a protracted calamity was not known to the people of the country since the days of independence. Lokesh said. Future generations might have to see very peculiar situations, he said. The class 10 examinations were cancelled when there were just 5,000 Covid active cases in the state last year. Now, the active cases have risen to 2 lakh, but the government was not taking this into consideration.