Corona cases rising again, testing to be doubled: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

Coronavirus cases in the national capital are increasing once again. Since the last few days, the number has been peaking despite the dip that the city saw earlier.

Looking at the current scenario, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called an emergency review meeting at his home on Wednesday morning and made several important decisions to ensure the healthcare situation does not worsen in the national capital. The state health minister, chief secretary and many top officials were called for the meeting wherein it was decided that daily testing in Delhi will be doubled.

 “Since 17August, we have seen a slight increase in the corona cases. The numbers are around 1200-1400, while Tuesday evening’s report revealed 1,544 new cases in the city. Wednesday’s report showed 1693 cases. The recovery rate, though, still remains above 90%, while mortality rate is 1.4% in August. This is the lowest in the country. There are currently 2,900 patients who are fighting Covid-19 in our hospitals. Out of this, 800 are from not residents of the city. The current capacity of the city hospital beds is at 14,310 for just coronavirus cases. Out of this, 10,448 are lying vacant,” said CM Kejriwal. The major decisions taken in this meeting were: (a) In the next one week, daily testing will be increased from 20,000 to 40,000. (b) After recovering from coronavirus, people who still carry symptoms will be given a free pulse oximeter and oxygen canister based on their need; (c) Strict action to be taken against those who do not wear masks and do not follow social distancing norms.

 “Post their recovery from coronavirus, if an individual requires it, then the state will provide them with a free pulse oximeter and oxygen canister at their home. Since 14July, not a single individual has died in Delhi during home quarantine. If anyone is found not wearing a mask, then strict action will be taken against them. It is good to have faith, but not at the cost of ignoring a problem. Individuals must wear mask and follow social distancing norms. Due to overconfidence, some people don’t get tested on time. This can lead to others catching the virus. My appeal is that if there’s any possibility of you getting Covid-19, then one should get tested,” said Kejriwal.

The figures of coronavirus cases in the last few days are: August 16: 652; August 17: 787; August 18: 1374; August 25: 1544; August 26: 1693 (highest since 11July). Wednesday’s Delhi Health Bulletin said that 1693 people had been affected by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. This has taken the positivity rate to 8.54% and brought down the recovery below the 90-mark to 89.82%. The last 24 hours also led to the death of 17 individuals. The total number of cases is above 1.65 lakh. However, CM Kejriwal has assured Delhi citizens that there isn’t a reason to panic, but to be cautious. The increase in the positivity rate can be lowered back if everyone follows the guidelines.