Controversy brews as Moosewala joins Punjab Congress

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu and newly joined Party member Sidhu Moosewala, in New Delhi on Friday. (ANI)

On Friday, the controversial Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala joined the Punjab Congress ahead of the legislative assembly elections. Moosewala— amongst the popular faces who have been vocal about their support to the farmers’ agitation— was inducted into the party by Punjab chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi and the party’s state chief Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Nevertheless, Moosewala has often stirred controversies as he’s been alleged as a face who often glorifies separatism, gun culture and violence in his songs. Interestingly, the controversial singer also faces charges of promoting gun culture and violence.

Meanwhile, with Moosewala joining the Channi’s bandwagon, BJP has hit out at Punjab Congress, accusing it of promoting gun culture and separatism.

In response to this, Navjot Singh Sidhu said, “This matter is subjudice, so why do you talk? It is not appropriate to comment on this.”

“The branches on which mangoes hang and grow, is often hit by stones,” said Navjot Sidhu while remarking upon the fact that accused is not guilty until proved so in the court of law.

On Moosewala’s joining, CM Channi said, “Today is a very revolutionary day in the politics of Punjab. Raising from a simple family, Moosewala has become a big artist. With his dedication and hard work, he has won the hearts of Punjabis sitting across the world. In the coming times, along with the youth, we will bring revolution in Punjab.”

“I am not coming to this field for prestige or accolades. The only motive is that there are some people associated with me, who have expectations from me. Therefore it is very important to be a part of the system to change or improve things accordingly,” Sidhu Moosewala said.

Moosewala added further that the his reason for joining the Congress is that the people who are in Punjab Congress are common people raised from ordinary families.

“A hard worker can raise his voice in Congress,” the new joinee said.