Constable Succumbs to Injuries After Dausa Firing


Yesterday, in the village of Reeta of Dausa district, Constable Prahlad Singh has tragically lost his life in a firing incident. He was undergoing treatment at Bangar Hospital, where Dr Ashok Gupta, Head of Neurosurgery, confirmed his demise. Prahlad Singh had suffered gunshot wounds to his head in the altercation, with one part of the bullet removed through surgery while the other remained lodged inside due to its deeper location.
On the morning of 24 August, the main accused in the firing incident against Prahlad Singh was apprehended by the police. The accused had been hiding in a thicket not far from the crime scene. During the arrest, there was cross-firing from both sides, and the accused was injured. He was subsequently transported to the district hospital via ambulance for treatment. The accused had been hiding in a cornfield for the past 34 hours. When he felt thirsty, he messaged his brother to bring water, which inadvertently activated his mobile location. When the location was traced, armed personnel swiftly arrived at the scene. According to police information, the accused had turned on his mobile phone three times, however, it was the third time that the police were able to trace his location. The dog squad spotted him, and when the accused opened fire, he was shot in his right leg. The police took the accused to Dausa Hospital, and later, he was referred to Jaipur for treatment. On Wednesday morning, Constable Prahlad Singh was fired upon by one of the two alleged bike thieves when they were being pursued. Subsequently, Constable Prahlad Singh was first treated in Dausa and then transferred to Jaipur for further medical attention. Yesterday, during treatment, Constable Prahlad Singh unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.