Congress rides high on schemes, BJP on Modi wave


With the onset of a wintry chill, there has been a perceptible change in the electoral atmosphere over the last three days in Rajasthan. The mood of voters may gradually tilting towards Congress now. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s a bit changed campaign style and his schemes are creating an atmosphere in favour of Congress in rural and urban areas of the state.

If former PCC chief Sachin Pilot holds more rallies in eastern Rajasthan, it will strengthen Congress. Moreover, if all other Congress leaders reach out to voters collectively with the seven guarantees of CM, the atmosphere favouring Congress will get stronger. However, it is necessary for the leaders to bury the differences.

CM Gehlot has already warned the people of the state that if the BJP comes to power, schemes such as the Old Pension Scheme, free treatment of Rs 25 lakh, free power of up to 100 units for every household and up to 2000 units for farmers, etc. will stop. These schemes will play a key role in Congress’ possible return to power in Rajasthan. Gehlot is showcasing these schemes in a bid to counter the BJP’s agenda during electioneering.

The BJP is trying its best to focus on polarising issues. However, CM Gehlot and the entire Congress are not falling into the trap of the BJP. The ruling party is focusing on the welfare schemes of Gehlot. Due to the recent schemes of the Congress government and the seven guarantees, the women voters may shift their interest in Congress now. Interestingly, the BJP is relying on women voters. The Gehlot government’s decision to distribute mobile phones to women and the Congress’ promise to give Rs 10000 to them are weighing heavily on the BJP’s announcements.

No CM face may become a problem for BJP
Moreover, the BJP’s decision not to project a CM face is also not going down well with the voters. The perception is that the high command will not give the CM post to Vasundhara Raje. As a result, Raje’s supporters are said to be disappointed. This development might go to the advantage of Congress. BJP believes that resentment among Sachin’s supporters will benefit the saffron party in polls. If Pilot aggressively campaigns in Gurjar-dominated eastern Rajasthan regions, then BJP’s strategy might flop.

The BJP is pinning its hopes on PM Narendra Modi for victory in Rajasthan polls. The party is also trying to capitalise on the internal tussle of the Congress. In his rallies also, PM Modi took a dig at the Congress’ infighting. Rajasthan’s tradition of changing government every five years is keeping BJP’s hopes alive. The party is also banking on the cadre-based system of the organisation. The BJP has deployed non-resident Rajasthanis across the state for campaigning. However, the party stumbles when questions related to Gehlot’s schemes are hurled.

PM Modi will hold a road show in Jaipur to ensure the win of candidates who were given tickets at the recommendation of Vishwa Hindi Parishad and Sangh. It means the BJP is in a tight spot in four to five seats of Jaipur City. Even the leader of the Opposition Rajendra Rathore is relying on PM Modi’s charisma for his seat. Congress seems to have gained a position where it can expect to retain power in Rajasthan provided it does not make any silly mistake.