Congress presents trio’s united front for Rajasthan elections


Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi initiated a vigorous campaign in Rajasthan yesterday. The highlight of this campaign was the joint appearance on the stage of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Pradesh President Govind Singh Dotasra, and former Pradesh President Sachin Pilot, holding hands together to convey a message of unity. Although this is not the first time this has happened. Even after the results of the previous elections, Rahul had tweeted a photo with Chief Minister Gehlot and Sachin side by side. The intention behind it was to assure that all was well within the Congress. However, how the government is being run in Rajasthan is widely known. This time, during the campaign, Rahul has attempted to symbolise unity by joining hands.
It’s noteworthy that Pradesh President Dotasra was also part of this chain, as his inclusion was necessary. During limited discussions with journalists at the airport, Rahul Gandhi tried to convey the message that they were united and heading towards victory in the elections. On one side were Chief Minister Gehlot and Dotasra, and on the other side was Sachin. Before the start of the election campaign, they tried to convey the message that “all is well” within the party.
Rahul is perhaps hoping that, like Karnataka, all leaders in Rajasthan can unite under the banner of unity and lead the party to victory. This is because there is no problem with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the government, the real issue lies in the unity of the leaders. It is not a matter of two opinions that every party needs unity, at this time. Both Congress and BJP are struggling with internal factionalism. Whoever succeeds in bringing leaders together for the cause will undoubtedly benefit. The Congress has been striving for unity for a long time and the party’s high command has made efforts for unity not just once but several times. However, the surprising thing is that this time the party remembered the concept of unity just a week before the election.
Top leaders are now holding meetings to plan and unite for victory. Leaders in different places are launching attacks on the BJP in press conferences. It seems that Congress’s high command has realised that victory is possible in Rajasthan if the party remains active and united. However, it is crucial for the leaders and workers to actively participate in the field to win and defeat the opposition. While Chief Minister Gehlot has been handling the reins alone for the past six months, the activism of leaders and workers does not seem as expected. The party also needs to find out what were the decisions that have led to the current situation.
Rahul Gandhi addressed three rallies yesterday, and at the end of the first electoral public meeting in Taranagar, he did manage to capture a photo holding hands with leaders for unity, but now it remains to be seen whether hearts have truly come together.