Congress leaders can go to any extent for pacification of Muslims: VHP

Former Union Minister Shivraj Patil drew a link between jihad and the Bhagwad Gita. Following which, Surendra Kumar who is the International Joint Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad hit out at him statin that the Congress leaders can go to any extend for the “appeasement of Muslims.” Jain said, “It is very unfortunate and it seems that Congress leaders neither understand Jihad nor understand Gita. They can go to any extent for Muslim appeasement only for personal interests.” He said that the entire country is suffering from jihad due to the Muslim appeasement policy by the Congress party.

“Temple-to-temple visits by the Congress leaders are just a hoax. After Independence, DNA in Congress is only hatred towards Hindus and love for Jihad. Due to the Muslim appeasement policy by Congress, today the entire country is suffering from jihad. Due to this jihad, Hindus have been wiped out from Kashmir and beheading gangs (‘sar tan se juda’ gang) are active in the country” he said.

Jain further told that the statement made by Patil about Jihad in Gita is unfortunate and reflects the mindset of Congress after independence.

Condemning the Congress leader’s remark, VHP leader Jain said, “In Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, the whole world finds the path of welfare, social welfare and world welfare, which gives the source of Karma Yog. He then mentioned that in Gita, Lord Shri Krishna had taught Jihad to Arjuna is highly condemnable.”

The VHP leader claimed that it appears that the Congress has abandoned Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of Ram Rajya and wants to use its backing for jihadists to plunge the entire nation into the flames of jihad.
Earlier on Thursday, Patil asserted that in addition to the Quran and the Bhagwad Gita, the concept of “jihad” is also mentioned in Christianity.
At a book presentation in the capital, Patil claimed that Arjun was also taught jihadi principles by Lord Krishna in a section of the Mahabharata’s Gita.

“It’s said there is a lot of discussion on Jihad in Islam religion… Even after all efforts, if someone doesn’t understand clean ideas, then power can be used. It is not just in the Quran Sharif, but also in the Mahabharata of which Gita is a part,” Patil said.
“Shri Krishna also talks to Arjuna about jihad. It is not like this is only in the Quran Sharif or the Gita but in Christianity also it is written…Christ has said that I have not come here to establish peace but I have come here with a sword,” Patil said.
Speaking in Hindi, the Congress leader said that “if even after explaining everything, people do not understand and they are arriving with weapons then you cannot run, you cannot call that jihad and you cannot call it wrong, this is what must be understood, there should not be this concept of making people understand with weapons in hand.”
Patil who was Union home minister from 2004 to 2008 and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha from 1991 to 1996 was addressing the audience at a book launch of Congress leader and former Union Minister Mohsina Kidwai.

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