Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Special Parliament Session :”Agenda by confused government”

Pramod Tiwari, leader of the Congress, on the Special Parliament Session

Congress leader Pramod Tiwari criticized the center on Monday, claiming that the “confused government” shared the agenda for the Special Session of Parliament. On Sunday morning, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Joshi made a request to all parties for their active support and cooperation in order to ensure the efficient operation of the two Houses of Parliament. Diverse ministers and 51 leaders from 34 parties attended the meeting of all the floor leaders of political parties in the parliament.

“Government is so confused. It was an agenda by a confused government. When the meeting started then total of four points were printed, by the end of the meeting, there were eight points. Then we asked where is the agenda. They said they are sending it to us. This means that the government has called the session but they don’t know, at least the ministers have no idea what will happen,” Tiwari said.

In response to the all-party gathering, Congress MP Manickam Tagore claimed that this government secretly runs the Parliament.

“Till now it is all just in the air. They have just listed 8 bills in the agenda and in the All Party Meeting yesterday also they talked about these 8 subjects only. This government runs the Parliament in secrecy…The new Parliament which they have made with star facilities… I hope that our Prime Minister answers at least one question in the new Parliament,” Tagore said.

The meeting was opened by Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, who also welcomed all floor leaders. He then announced that the session would consist of 5 sittings spread over 5 days and that an estimated 8 legislative items would likely be discussed.

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