Congress is a confused party: Anurag Thakur

In an exclusive interview with India news, Union Minister of sports, Youth Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting talked about the Union Budget 2023. Here is what he has to say:

TDG NETWORK: The opposition is not approving the Union Budget 2023. Former FM P Chidambaram termed the budget as insensitive. Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge termed FM’s budget speech as an election speech. What is your take on this?

Anurag Thakur: Congress’ former FM is saying something while the national head of Congress is saying something else. Congress is a confused party. It is failing at deciding what to say. This budget is the budget for making India a developed country. This budget is for taking India from ‘Amrit Kaal’ to ‘Swarnim Kaal’. This budget is for women, labourers, farmers and youth. This is a far-sighted and transparent budget. 

TDG NETWORK: Shashi Tharoor, who is considered an expert, has said that the budget didn’t include unemployment and inflation.

Anurag Thakur: Talking about inflation, I will say that if we see the global markets from Europe to Japan to Pakistan, the inflation has increased many folds; whereas in India, it has decreased continuously. The Congress government didn’t face any pandemic; even then the inflation was at 12%. The BJP government has faced severe pandemics but still, the inflation rate is less than 5.5%.

TDG NETWORK: As the budget is revealed, now what will be the main focus of the government?

Anurag Thakur: The first point is how to implement the budget. The budget which used to be announced in March, our government has started announcing it a month prior in February. This has made the implementation of the budget simpler. We can see its impact across the nation. 

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