‘Congress does not accept the existence of Lord Ram’, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge for calling him “Ravana” in Kalol town of Panchmahal district.

Addressing the public in a rally in Kalol town of Panchmahal district in poll-bound Gujarat PM Modi said, “I respect Kharge Ji. He will say what he has been told to say. Congress party doesn’t know that this is the Gujarat of Ram Bhakts. In this land of Rambhakts, he was asked to call me a Ravan with 100 heads.”

Firing a fresh salvo PM Modi said, Congress does not accept Lord Ram’s existence that’s why they brought Ravan from Ramayan to abuse him.

“We know that Congress does not accept the existence of Lord Ram, and does not believe in Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir. They have a problem with Ram Setu as well. Now, this Congress party has brought Ravan from Ramayan to speak insults about me,” PM Modi said.

Meanwhile, targeting Congress PM Modi said, Congress leaders never regretted the numerous cases of abuse they heaped on him.

PM Modi further said, “I am not surprised at Congress saying bad things about me. I am amazed that even after saying so many bad things, neither the Congress party nor its leaders have ever regretted it. They feel it is their right to abuse Modi and the PM of this country.”

PM Modi further said to please one family Congress leaders can do anything, “If they believed in democracy, they would have never gone to this level. They believe in one family and not democracy. They can do anything to please that one family and that family is everything to them, not democracy.”

“There is a competition in Congress on who says more bad words for Modi…We have to teach them a lesson and the way is to press the button on Lotus on the 5th (second phase of Gujarat elections),” PM Modi said.

“The Congress should note that the more dirt it throws on me, the more the lotus will bloom,” PM further said.

During a poll campaigning for the Party in the Behrampura area of Ahmedabad Party, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge at a rally said, “In all these campaigns, he (Modi) only talks about himself. ‘Don’t look at anyone else, just look at Modi and vote’… how many times do we have to see your face? How many forms do you have? Do you have 100 heads like Ravan?”

Moreover, on 5 December the second phase of the Gujarat Assembly election will be held. Amid tight security arrangements, the first phase of the Gujarat Assembly election polling has begun.

However, in 89 constituencies spread across 19 districts of Kutch, Saurashtra, and South Gujarat the polling is underway. The fate of 788 candidates will be decided by 2,39,76,670 voters.

Furthermore, the results of the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections and Gujarat will be declared on the same day 8 December.

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