Cong unveils Abhaya Hastham: A blueprint for ‘Bangaru Telangana’ dream


Riding high on the success of implementing its guarantee schemes in Karnataka, ahead of the Telangana assembly elections, the Congress party has officially unveiled its manifesto, titled Abhaya Hastham, outlining six key guarantees aimed at realising the cherished vision of ‘Bangaru Telangana.’ Emphasising the manifesto’s paramount importance, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge likened it to revered scriptures such as the Gita, Quran, or the Bible, asserting that the party is committed to its full implementation.

Kharge affirmed, “The manifesto is our guiding principle, much like sacred texts. We will translate all six guarantees into action in our very first cabinet meeting if entrusted with power.”

Outlined Guarantees:
1. *Mahalakshmi Scheme:*
– `2,500 monthly financial assistance.
– Gas cylinder at `500.
– Free travel for women.
2. *Gruha Jyothi:*
– 200 units of free electricity for all households.
3. *Indiramma Indlu Scheme:*
– Housing sites for families without homes.
– `5 lakh assistance for house construction.
4. *Yuva Vikasam Scheme:*
– `5 lakh assistance for students.
5. *Recognition for Telangana Movement Fighters:*
– 250 sq yards housing site for all Telangana movement fighters.
6. *Cheyutha Scheme:*
– `4,000 monthly pension for seniors, widows, disabled, and various vulnerable groups.
– `10 lakh health insurance coverage.

Kharge took a swipe at the BJP and the ruling BRS, asserting, “Despite efforts from PM Modi and KCR, the public sees through the scams. Congress will prevail.” He also hinted at KCR’s impending retirement.

As the electoral landscape intensifies, Union Minister Amit Shah is slated to unveil the BJP’s manifesto during his upcoming visit to Gadwal, Nalgonda, and Warnagal. The Telangana polls are scheduled for November 30, with the vote count set for December 3. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of the unfolding political drama.