Common uniform for Indian Army’s top brass from 1 August

The Indian Army is set to introduce a uniform policy for Brigadier-ranked officers and above, which will apply regardless of their parent cadre or appointment. This initiative is aimed at fostering a unified identity and approach towards service matters among senior leadership, transcending regimental affiliations, according to defence sources on Tuesday.

The move is aimed at bringing a common identity and approach to service matters amongst senior leadership, which goes beyond the boundaries of regimentation. “This will also reinforce the Indian Army’s character as a fair and equitable organisation.” The decision was taken after detailed deliberations during the recently concluded Army Commanders Conference and extensive consultations with all stakeholders,” they said.

“The changes will be implemented on 1 August. There is no change to the uniform worn by colonels and below-rank officers of the Indian Army,” they added.

“The headgear, shoulder rank badges, gorget patches, belts, and shoes of senior officers of flag rank (Brigadier and above) will now be standardised and common. The flag-rank officers will now not wear any lanyards,” they said.

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