‘Coming 2 America’ will get drive-in premiere in ‘Film’s Backyard’ of Queens


Washington [US], February 26 (ANI): ‘Coming 2 America’, – the sequel film, starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, will be screened to 200 cars at Flushing Meadows Corona Park on March 5, the same day it begins streaming on Amazon Prime, according to multiple outlets.
“Coming to America is the quintessential, iconic Queens film, and we are beyond thrilled to host one of the only screenings of its sequel, Coming 2 America, right here in the film’s backyard,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr in a press release, reported People Magazine.
The 6:30 p.m. EST screening will include free food and merchandise from Amazon Studios. Tickets are free with an RSVP but already sold out, Deadline reported.
As reported by People Magazine, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the shuttering of movie theaters in most states, drive-in theaters experienced a surge in popularity during last year. At the Queens Drive-In, premieres and special screenings were held in 2020 for films like ‘Borat’, ‘Freaky’, and ‘One Night in Miami’. Screenings at the venue are set to continue through June.
The follow-up to the original 1988 film ‘Coming to America’, ‘Coming 2 America’ will see the 59-year-old actor Eddie, reprise his role of Prince Akeem, and Hall, as his best friend Semmi. The sequel film finds Akeem traveling back to America to find his long-lost son, a Queens native named Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler).
As reported by People Magazine, Bella Murphy, the Oscar nominee’s 19-year-old daughter, also appears in the sequel. On Wednesday, the teen spoke to ‘Good Morning America’ about the first time she saw her dad’s beloved film.
“I think when I watched it the first time, I was really young and it was the first time I had seen Black royalty on the screen, and on top of it it was my dad, so that was really cool for me and very empowering,” said Bella.
As per People Magazine, Eddie added that Bella, who he shares with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, did not receive special treatment to star in the film. “She had to audition for Craig Brewer, who directed. I was not muscling my kid into the movie, she had to really be able to deliver, otherwise she would not have gotten the role,” he told ‘Good Morning America’.
‘Coming 2 America’ is available to stream on March 5 on Amazon Prime Video. (ANI)