CNG, PNG prices go up again in Mumbai


The retail prices of CNG have increased once again in Mumbai. Mahanagar Gas Limited has increased the cost of CNG by Rs 4 per Kg this time, and the rate of piped natural gas has been increased by Rs 3 per unit (standard cubic metre). These prices have been implemented in Mumbai.

With this, the price of CNG has increased to Rs 80 per kg, and the cost of PNG increased to Rs 48.50 per unit in Mumbai and its adjoining areas. As a result, Mahanagar Gas Limited is procuring gas from overseas markets to meet the shortfall in domestic gas allocation.

Mahanagar Gas Limited said, “The increase in domestic gas prices has led to an increase in the cost of production of MGA. Due to this, CNG became costlier by Rs 50. After which the price of 1 cylinder has gone up to Rs 1,053. Now the price of CNG has been increased by Rs.4 and that of PNG by Rs.3. The increased prices are now applicable.”

Meanwhile, the price of CNG in Mumbai was earlier increased on 29 April. Then the price of CNG was increased by Rs. 4.

The gas distributor company has said that the continuous increase in prices is due to the rise in gas prices and the rupee depreciation. The company is procuring gas from overseas to meet the domestic gas allocation shortfall.