CM Shinde is a guest for only a few days’: Saamana


Saamana, the editorial of the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Thackeray faction) on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and said “CM Shinde is a guest for only a few days.”
In its latest editorial published today, the Saamana said that efforts are being made to adulterate Hindutva.
“Chief Minister Shinde is a guest for only a few days. Just as his post as Chief Minister is unconstitutional, similarly his Hindutva is also a sham. The Hindutva accepted by Chief Minister Shinde by ‘pretending’ is false. The Chief Minister has left a lot to be desired. This is his political failure. Just as grains are adulterated, efforts are being made to adulterate Hindutva,” the editorial said.
Further targeting BJP on giving a special welcome to the Pakistan team during the World Cup match with India, Saamana stated, “’World Cup’ cricket match starts in Ahmedabad. As soon as the Pakistani team reached there, the BJP which is the ‘Modi-Shah’ government spread the red carpet to welcome the Pakistanis from Ahmedabad Airport to Narendra Modi Stadium and welcomed them by showering flowers on the Pakistani players. Is this your impression of Hindutva? On this, they say, ‘Don’t connect sports with religion.’ Wow! Who is saying this, the one who has linked faith with power? In fact, saying this is not only a type of adulterated Hindutva, but is also dishonesty.”
“Shinde needs to use the Legislative Library from now on. If he turns the pages of history, he will feel ashamed of his ignorance. In a way, his ‘stridency’ is ruining the reputation of the state. People changed sides and also pretended. The public is now going to take down his ‘greediness’ forever,” the editorial stated.