CJI Chandrachud To Legal Services Authorities: Make Effective Use Of Social Media To Reach Out To Beneficiaries


The Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud called upon legal services authorities to leverage the power of social media for connecting with the beneficiaries and individuals who require legal assistance.
The said remarks were made by the CJI Chandrachud during his inaugural address at the 19th All India Legal Services Authorities meet in Srinagar.
The bench of CJI Chandrachud acknowledged the reputation of the judiciary’s for being the poor communicator and it has been stated that the social media could serve as a valuable tool to enhance communication effectiveness.
It has also been stated by CJI Chandrachud that judiciary being the poor communicator for the simple reason that we feel that we are not here to market ourselves. Thus, we are not the marketing institutions. But we need to use the social media, which being an effective form of communication today.
Further, the Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud also emphasized on the significance of providing competent and high-quality legal aid to foster trust among the populace. Therefore, CJI also emphasized the need to enhance the skills and capabilities of lawyers and paralegal volunteers in order to ensure that the legal aid services provided are of the utmost quality.
Therefore, he also stressed on the greater representation of women and transgender persons in the legal institutions in order to serve as lawyers and paralegal volunteers.
The Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud also stated that their presence will help legal services institutions in reaching out to women and tran
sgender community.