Chirag Delhi flyover to remain close, woe for commuters

Chirag Delhi flyover on the Outer Ring Road will remain closed for 25 days from Sunday for the first round of repair work, officials said.
IT professional Prerna Singh breathed a sigh of relief when the Ashram flyover reopened last week after being shut for close to 100 days. Residing in Vasant Kunj and travelling to Noida every day, the 24-year-old was among thousands of south Delhi residents who had to overcome traffic snarls to reach her workplace during this period.
Now, she is bracing to contend with another months-long round of snarls. Traffic will be affected on certain routes in south Delhi for repair work.
“I live in Vasant Kunj and have to travel to Noida every day. This will be a headache for me. First, we had to suffer because of construction on the Ashram flyover and now (the authorities are closing the flyover at) Chirag Delhi.
“It will create a delay of at least an hour in my journey. I can’t take the metro as I work late.”

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