Chinese incursions summed up with DDLJ: Congress slams EAM

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh lashed out at External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Monday for his “land occupied by China in 1962” remark and referred to the incursion in 2020, dubbing it the “biggest territorial setback for India in decades.” The speaker summed up the government’s strategy to deal with the Chinese incursions in Ladakh with “DDLJ: Deny, Distract, Lie, and Justify.” His reaction comes two days after Jaishankar mocked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remark about Indian land being occupied by China, claiming that the land was occupied during the 1962 India-China war, not recently. “They (the opposition) never tell you that China occupied the land in 1962. They give such an impression that it happened lately. “I won’t go to the Chinese ambassador, but my military leadership will go to Incheon,” Jaishankar had said. , , Hitting out at the minister for his remarks, Ramesh said that the EAM’s recent remarks are an attempt to “divert attention” from the government’s “failed China policy.” “Since May 2020, the Modi government’s preferred strategy to deal with the Chinese incursions in Ladakh has been summed up with DDLJ: deny, distract, lie, and justify.” “External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s recent remarks attacking the Congress party are simply the latest attempt to divert attention from the Modi government’s failed China policy, the most recent reverie being that since May of 2020, India has lost access to 26 of its 65 patrolling points in Ladakh,” Ramesh said. The Congress leader said that the situation in 1962 cannot be compared with the current one, after which India “acquiesced” to Chinese aggression with “denials.” , “The fact is that there is no comparison between 1962, when India went to war with China to defend its territory, and 2020, after which India has acquiesced to Chinese aggression with denials followed by “disengagements,” in which India has lost acquiescence over thousands of square kilometers of territory,” Ra-Mesh said.

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