China’s penchant for nuclear modernization ambitions

Chinese intentions to expand its nuclear and militaristic power are its methods of wolf-warrior portrayals that are on a path of wreaking havoc in and around its neighbourhood.
These aspirations, however, have already entered their next phase and are currently under execution. Therefore, it seems quite relevant and plausible to discuss Chinese implementation plans, as per Global Strat View analysis. Political and bureaucratic competition has ensured that the discussion around the issue remains as important as China’s global vision for hegemony.
In its Defence White Paper from 2006, China resolutely asserted its ‘Self Defence Nuclear strategy,’ proclaiming an assured retaliatory measure leading to inflicting unacceptable damage to the attacker.
However, Beijing’s nuclear stand over the years has only deteriorated towards a far more hawkish view of the global world, reported Global Strat View.
In 2013, their Defence White Paper excluded mentions of a lifelong nuclear principle of ‘No First Use policy.’ This led many scholars to conclude that China was perhaps on its path to shedding an instrumental principle that had ensured peace and stability in the region and the world for decades.

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